Polishing Machine

Our automatic face-polishing machine is capable of polishing the faces of roll shear knives in an efficient and safe way.
The removal of debris build-up on the knife faces results in improved strip edge quality and prolonged service life of the knives.
Resulting from an eccentric rotating motion of the knife, a full-surface polishing of the side faces is guaranteed at all times.
The process takes only a few seconds.

· Model P2002
· For tools up to a max. Ø 450 mm and 50 mm thick
· Distance between orbital drive pad and work surface is adjustable from 0 to 80 mm by hand.
· Work table height: 1000 mm
· Table sizes: 480 mm x 480 mm or 505 mm x 550 mm
· Operating cycle can only be started by using both hands
· Adjustable polishing time 0 - 60 seconds.