Stripper Rings

Our stripper rings are bonded with Rubber or Cast Polyurethane. They are suitable for high slitting speeds and offer a positive drive and no possibility of slipping while stripping the slit strip.

- with steel cores to maintain spacer thickness quality.
- coated with Rubber or Cast Polyurethane in different colors and Shore hardness

These Stripper Rings allow the achievement of high speed slitting.
In conjunction with good abrasion resistance they offer a highly effective stripping method. A special protective coating of the steel coreb can prevent rust formation.



Loose (Slip-On) Stripper Rings

Made from oil-and abrasion resistant material.

Shore hardness and quality to suit the apllications.

Available in"Single Durometer" of "Doual Durometer".



Steel Stripper Rings

Steel Stripper Rings are accurate and highly effective. Made from hardened, tempered and wear resistant alloy tool steel with lapped or ground faces.
The rings are held in place against the strip by two pairs of adjustable roller bars. A special steel stripper ring design, with Cast Polyurethane bonded to the outer circumference can be provided for processing surface sensitive materials